Продавец внешней торговли

2021/07/14 19:37

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the operation of B2B platform, the participation of the company's products in overseas markets and online publicity.

2. Responsible for customer development and maintenance in overseas market;

3. Responsible for customer telephone, email, inquiry and order processing;

4. Responsible for making and filling in various export documents;

5. Responsible for the management and update of the company's English website.

Job requirements:

1. Be familiar with foreign trade business process and have the ability to develop customers independently;

2. Proficient in using office related office software;

3. CET-6 or CET-8 or above, clear speech, fluent Mandarin, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

4. Able to handle all kinds of English letters and foreign trade documents;

5. Master B2B platform operation;

6. Good negotiation and interpersonal communication skills;

7. Teamwork ability, hardworking;

8. At least 1 year working experience in foreign trade;

9.English major, international trade major, Alibaba platform operation experience is preferred.

Foreign Trade Salesman